Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blanketed with Snow

As I looked outside this morning to see all the snow on the ground, I was reminded of how much I love Minnesota.
Not technically Crown...but it's close enough :)

Yes, I would have preferred for my eight am class to be cancelled but that was not the case and I had to crawl out from under my covers and get an education! :) I've been listening to my classmates complain about snow in March and I just laugh. Oh, how I love MN. When I told my Indonesian roommate Marhenza that we have gotten snow storms in April I nearly gave her a heart attack.

It would be easy to find a reason to be upset or irritated about many things in life and choosing to complain about the weather serves as a great reminder for me today. Sometimes we get upset about things that are out of our control. We try to take all the precautions to avoid certain situations that honestly can't always be escaped. Some times we try to blame God, I know I have at times. When bad things happen in life or tragedies come close to home, we can sometimes lose hope in humanity or we go farther and try to argue that God is to blame for allowing pain and hurt.

I know that I find it much easier to blame others, whether that is God, friends, or family, for the difficult things in my life. It's not as easy to think about the ways my choices have influenced myself and those around me. We are good at comparing ourselves to others and coming to the conclusion that "I must be a good person because I'm better than most people. I haven't killed anyone, or stolen anything, I'm not a criminal, so I'm okay, right?"

Is being a "good" person enough? I don't think so. Why are we willing to settle for simply being good?

By comparing ourselves with others we do not come to the reality of our own nature. Everyday we contradict our own standards. We have a list of do's and don'ts that other people must follow yet we don't hold ourselves to the same standard. Is this alright? Does this makes us good people?

It's strange for me to think about the way that I have come to be where I am right now. Looking back on my life, I never would have seen myself as someone who is seeking much more than being "good." I am now seeing how much my story has been intricately woven by the hands of God. Every moment that seemed dark  and painful I now see were intentionally placed in my life to contrast the moments of joy, in order to make my life into a masterpiece.

I am far from finished and I know that there is still much to be understood but I fully place my trust in Christ and choice to have hope in the future he has planned for me. <3

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