Monday, January 21, 2013

A crazy beginning...

I've been running like crazy trying to catch my breathe! It's been a crazy first two weeks of classes. It was so nice to be reunited with my floor girls and see all my friends who I whad been missing so much over break.

I was nervous about meeting my new roommates but God is good :) They are all ASIAN and I LOVE THEM! That may sound a little strange but seriously these girls rock. There are four of us to a room, two on each side. The girl on my side is named Kz, she is from Wisconsin and is Hmong. She is A LOT quieter and shy then me but man we hit it off right away. She is a crazy good guitar player and singer, she is kind, and encouraging! I am really looking forward getting even closer to her over this semester. :)

The other two girls are named Calie and Marhenza. Calie is from Minnesota and is actually a PSEO student who gets to live on campus. She is a senior in High School and is the most friendly and happy girl. :) Marhenza is from Indonesia and she makes me smile everytime I see her. She is so happy-go-lucky! She bounces all over the place and keeps me laughing all the time.

Classes are AMAZING this semester. I have New Testament History, Youth and Family Ministry, General Psychology, Biology, and Principles of Biblical Interpretation. The only bummer about this semester is that I have 8:00 classes everyday. :/ But my professors are AWESOME! And I am seriously learning SO MUCH.

I'm seriously considering being an RA next year for a freshman girls floor. "Leadership Week" is coming next week and I will go through the necessary processes to see if that will become a reality. I am hoping that this is what God wants for my next year but I am open to his leading.

I'm so happy that Crown is where I am right now and I'm ready for whatever lays before.

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