Friday, December 7, 2012

First Semester is Finished!...minus finals :D

Today I completed my first semester of college! :) Unless we're getting techinal that is. Next week is finals week but I don't really count that because I only have three finals AND I am fully aware of what is going to be on each and every one of them.

It's kinda surreal that I've already finished one whole semester. WHERE DID THE TIME GO???
It has been quite the journey and I know I've grown a lot as a student, person, and daughter of Christ. I've made good friends that truly care about me and have been right by my side the entire way. I continue to have peace about choosing Crown. Though, I've learned that this college isn't actually what I expected and is much more flawed then I origionally thought, I am confident that I am here for a reason and feel lucky to feel so secure.

Something new and a little bit scary is just around the corner. As I begin next semester, I not only have the priviledge to experience new classes but also new roommates. Both of my current roommates will be moving out after finals for various reasons and I will most likely be rooming with some of the incoming transfer students. I'm excited for this new opportunity to make more deep relationships and hope that I will be able to (through God's grace) be the best roommate I can be.


After finals, I will be going to Brainerd, MN to enjoy a good long weekend with my Aunt Darla and Uncle Curt!!!  I love these two so much! This will be a perfect start to my christmas break and I am looking forward to it.

Then I travel to my little Bemidji! While I will be enjoying a break from school, I will be working hard at the Bemidji Movie Theatre once again. (Can't wait to see my wonderful co-workers! And make some much needed money for next semester) :) I've missed my job SO MUCH! So it will be nice to be able to be there for three solid weeks.

I hope to also be able to see many friends and enjoy catching up on where everyone is at in life!

I am: Loving Life, Feeling Blessed and Incredibly Grateful.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Kera! Enjoy your much desired Christmas break, seeing friends, having coffee, working hard, playing hard, etc. Glad you are growing and learning at Crown!!!
    Thinking of you--Josie :)