Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Break :)

I have about a week left of my Christmas break and I'm ready to get back to Crown :)

Here are some of my highlights of break so far:

1. A good long weekend with my Aunt Darla and Uncle Curt. Filled with laughter, GOOD food, and time for relaxing.

2. LOTS of working at the Bemidji Theatre! I've missed it SO much and I feel very blessed to have such an amazing job with incredible coworkers.

3. Coffee dates at my favorite coffee shop! :) It was nice hearing about all that's been going on in other's lives. Thanks for hanging out with me Becca! And soon to be Gracia and Lauren!

4. MICHAEL. :D Thank you for going to Life of Pi with me even though I got you in trouble with Mr. McCranky....And thanks for enjoying our "date" at Perkins :) I love that no matter how awkward others try to make our fun times together, they are ALWAYS so good!

5. CRAZY good times with family. Christmas was chaotic but so AMAZING. I loved seeing you all and enjoying the delicious meal! (HAMMMMMMMMMMMMM :D)


6. Sleepover with Callie Johnson :) It was a time full of good talks, actual "sleepover-ish" events, and wonderful naps. So thankful for you, Cal!

7. Times of quiet. I've started to realize my need to take some time for myself and just refuel myself. God has been so faithful to show me truths about Himself in these times and I know He alone sustains me.

I could write about so many good moments that I've had here in Bemidji. It's been weird to be back but I've been discovering that college didn't change me but instead I like to see it as realizing the woman I've always been but didn't allow myself to become.

I'm excited to see what is to come.


  1. I miss you friend! Glad you are spending time with people and time alone too. Enjoy the rest of your break! Josie :)

  2. i love this :) and i love you! enjoy the rest of break, it was so nice to read this :)