Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Encounter with Jesus

Another week has gone by, and I'm getting closer to finally visiting home again! Classes are getting CRAZY busy and stress gets to me every once in a while...but I just have to keep on working hard.

Last night I had an incredible experience during one of our random worship sessions here on campus. I went with my friends Austin and Cody and my new friend Rinada. :) She is from Kyrgyzstan, and she is one of the most genuine women I have ever met.

After only a few minutes, Rinada came up to us and asked how she could pray for us. I was hesitant to say anything and I was a little uncomfortable because I wasn't expecting someone to come pray for me. I asked her to be praying for my dorm room because there has been some serious problems (especially over the last month)  that I had been stubbornly avoiding to bring to God.

She began to pray for me, and in that moment  I felt God was right there beside me, forgiving me for the mistakes I've made concerning this situation, and giving me hope that he would be guiding me and my room the rest of the semester. I forgave myself and had a new perspective on the entire situation.

The words Rinada prayed, were exactly the words I was too proud and selfish to say to my Savior. I felt the depth of my need for God to come and renew me. And as Rinada poured out her prayer for me and tears streamed from her eyes, I knew that God was healing his broken daughter.

I am so thankful for this selfless action from Rinada. And I felt so priviledged to witness the effects her simple obedience to the Holy Spirit had on everyone in that room. Because she not only, prayed for me and my two friends, but she took the time to go and pray for everyone in the room. I even had the opportunity to go and pray with someone. <3

This unexpected more has now set me free from the weight of the burden I put on my own shoulders! It didn't promised me that my living circumstances would become any easier or guarantee that I would never again struggle with patience and respect towards my roommates, but I was reassured that God is still God and he is always good to his children. :)

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