Thursday, October 18, 2012

What are you up to Lord?

The events of this week really make me wonder what God is doing.

1. I have had a complete attitude change this past week towards difficult relationships with my fellow students. Super cool!

2. I LOVE MY VOLLEYBALL CLASS! It is such a great start to my day. And I throughly enjoy being a goofball and waking up everyone in it! (It's at 8:00am so most people have just rolled out of bed and shuffled into the gym)

 3. The last two days I've been in a emotional funk but I asked one of my floormates, Emily Clarkson, to pray for me and she did. (while she held my hand!) Today has been a much better day! We have become prayer buddies and whenever we see each other we stop everything and pray for each other right there.
 4. I finally got back into my bible reading time last night and GOD IS GOOD! He refreshes me and gives me peace through his word. I don't know why I always wander from him...
 5. I made my mom a FB....haha! She wanted to be able to see what was going on in my life so that will be interesting! I wonder if she will ever really get the hang out it. Good thing she still has Manny at home to move her into this technological society we are living in.
 6. I rocked my 5 page research paper on vaccinations and now I need to get started on 10 page one on same sex marriage...not too excited for that one. Hmm...10 pages...20 sources...Ugh. Not the coolest thing about college but I WILL conquer it.

It's been a very eventful week but that's not even the beginning of it. 

Everyday I realize more and more that there are so many hurting people all around me. It breaks my heart to hear the struggles that some people here are going through. I have been given the opportunity to be an encouragement but sometimes it's so hard.

There are moments when I have no words to suddenly make them feel better or give them hope or a way out. It's so difficult when all you want to do is help someone and all you can say is... "I have no words of advise but I'm really sorry that you are going through this..."

But as my mentor Gwenn Hovestol taught me, maybe just showing you care can sometimes be enough. She didn't always know what advise to give but she always showed me she cared by showing her love both through her words and actions. <3

And so I choose to continue to trust God even through uncertainity.

Lord, I know you are working here at Crown. I pray that you would continue to open my eyes to your goodness even in the midst of the pain and hurt that the evil of this fallen world brings. Remind us each of your ever-reaching kindness and love.

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