Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm supposed to be a grownup...? NAH!

When you move away from home to a new place, surrounded by people you have never met, and new responsibilities, you would think that life might get a little more "adult-ish." But let me tell you I am fully enjoying my time of being a crazy fun girl every chance I get. :)

 My two friends Austin and Cody (who just happen to be twins!) are two of the most fun guys I've ever met. They bring out the inner kid in me and we have many abnormal adventures that bring a smile to my face whenever I think about them.

A few days ago, we got off campus and went into Waconia for a late night snack at McDonalds. But the fun part came when you went to the city park and played on the playground. We used our imaginations and played silly games that probably made us look like we were five-year-olds in nineteen-year-olds bodies. It was a blast!

And last night, we went on a night walk down to the lake on campus. We ran around like little kids, played games we made up, sang beautiful songs completely off key!, danced like no one was watching...I hope no one was watching!, and enjoyed God's beautiful night sky. :)

After our fun at the lake, we ran to the coffee shop to get something to warm us up. But we didn't run like normal teenagers. Nope! We ran like zombies :) Oh the crazy things I do with these two!

Today, once my lazy friends finally wake up, we will be getting off campus to have some fun, people watching at a mall for a class project. I already know that we will be have a great time being ridiculous together.

Oh! And not only, do I have a great time with these guys doing stupid crazy fun things, we are starting to have a daily bible study together to encourage each other to draw closer to God.

I love these guys! <3 They are my big brothers here at Crown!

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