Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm still truckin' away!

I truly feel like a college student now. The work load isn't too bad but it's definitely reaffirming that I am in college. I've taken 3 exams already and done well on all of them! :) I know both my mom and dad are super proud of all the hardwork I'm putting in and it really is paying off. The newness of the college experience is sort of worn off by now but I still love it here.

It's so peaceful and beautiful at Crown! Especially now as the colors are changing!

                                               Photo compliments of my roommate Chloe!

 Yeah, sure there isn't much to keep you entertained when it comes to activites or fun places to go nearby but that's fine with me. That just makes you more thankful for the times you get to go on an adventure off campus. Speaking of that....tomorrow me and a few friends get to travel to Maple Grove and go to a Tenth Avenue North concert!!!! SO EXCITED.

I'm really starting to appreciate the little things in life such as a warm fireplace, honest friends, getting mail!, and a good nights rest. :) For the past few nights, our little fridge in our room has been making strange squealing noises at the most inconvienent times...(1am, 3am, and 4am) And while I don't particulary enjoy being woken up by it every night, it has created some funny moments and even more bizarre dreams... :D

As I continue to work hard and enjoy each moment here, I look forward to seeing everyone back home at christmas break! I will be journeying back up North for thanksgiving but most likely won't see anyone except for my wonderful family. So until then, please keep me in yours prayers and if you ever want to write me a letter it would make my day!

My address here is:

Kera Kilde
Mailbox #189
8700 College View Drive
St Bonifacius, MN 55375

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