Monday, September 24, 2012

Reflections of my heart

It's been one month since I moved into Crown College and what a journey it's been already. God has already proved faithful in the ways in which He provides and gets me through each day which brings new challenges and discoveries. This has been a confusing, exciting, and extremely life-changing experience and it's only the first month! I wonder what an entire semester will bring?

This week we have a Deeper Life Conference, which is a time to refocus and take time out of our ordinary schedules and come to Jesus on our knees. We have a guest speaker who will be giving us messages on the topic of "Who do you think you are?" and I'm interested to see how this will effect my personal life. Although, I go to a Christian college, where the expection is that all students and staff would be God-honoring and live a lifestyle that reflects Jesus Christ to the world, there are definitely signs of our human sinful nature. So I'm very excited to see what will come of this conference and I pray that God would be moving in my heart,my fellow students'and the faculty as well.

At moments, I am in such awe of what's going on around me but other times I become so scared that I am not being myself or that I don't even know who that is...I guess this conference has the perfect focus for me right now. Thanks Lord! :) I look forward to seeing how God will continue to show me what steps to take and how I can draw near to him no matter how far away I am from those that love me.

I am really starting to miss my family and I pray that God is continuing to place people in their lives that are being an encouragement and showing them Christ's love. If you are reading this and you know my family at all...please be praying for them and if you feel called maybe even reach out to them? Maybe someone could invite Manny to youth group??? At times, I feel so useless so far away because I can't protect him or be a good example anymore so if you could be praying for them and me, I would so appreciative.


Praying for peace...

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