Monday, September 10, 2012

Building some AMAZING relationships!

This last week has been pretty spectacular! I've really started to make friends and I hope to continue to meet new people and get closer to those around me. Here's some of the fun people I've befriended so far...

1. Chloe, my incedible roommate. (WORM) She is so encouraging and she challenges me to see things from different perspectives. I really appreciate her willingness to be here for me when I need some advice or just someone to listen to my concerns.

2. Jess, my other awesome roommate.(aka ORCA) She is so funny! And I just love how she is so honest and sincere. I love how she is so true to herself. PLUS: she's fun to sneak up on :P
Left to Right: Chloe, Jess, and Me! (aka: Worm, Orca, Mullet!)

3. Lexi, a wonderful woman on my floor. I wrote about her in my last blog but seriously, she can relate to me in so many crazy ways and her desire to grow this year (in many different ways) makes me so happy :)

4. Aubrey, another cool cat on my floor. She allowed me to go with her this past weekend to her hometown and we had a blast! (With a couple more girls on our floor) She is also going into Youth Ministry so I look forward to learning along side her :)

5. Kristine, another fellow 1st Strohmer (that's our floor!). She is sarcastic! I enjoy spending time with her and laughing! I look forward to getting to know her more and more this year.

6. Dina, 1st Strohm baby! I really have enjoyed getting to know Dina over these past 2 weeks. She is so real and I hope to be an encouragement to her as we grow along side each other. :)

From left to right: (Dina, Kristine, and know which one's me so...well yeah :P)

7. Elaine, my RA. She is so enthuastic about her role in our lives and I love that I can ask her anything and she will answer it as honestly and openly as she possibly can. Plus she speaks my love language! ;)

8. Austin and Cody, "THE TWINS." My fellow Northern Minnesotans! (They are from International Falls) These two are the quietest guys I've ever met but they are hiliarious! Everytime I'm around them they make me laugh and for those of you who know what my laughter is like....I look quite ridiculous. Because no one can hear what they say but then all of the sudden comes loud and booming laughter. :)

There are so many more! But I've got to get back to the books so I'll leave it at that for now.

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