Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loans, Loans, and MORE Loans!

I knew college would be expensive and a financial burden but MAN I hate loans! Just the idea of going into debt makes me want to panic and run away so you can imagine that the process of finding, applying, and accepting loans makes me FREAK OUT!

Choosing a private christian college comes at quite a high cost...literally. I'm really working hard to try and save enough money to buy books, things for my dorm, and for all the other costs of living on my own but even that seems to be a tough thing to do right now. Mention the cost of tuition, a meal plan, and fees and I might just have an anxiety attack! FAFSA has been good to me but still isn't enough to cover everything...so I'm still searching for loans and hoping that God will provide.

I'm lucky to have Dan Hovestol in my life, being the financial aid advisor for the wonderful Oak Hills Christian College and my friend, he has graciously been helping me with all the stressful tasks involved with getting money to pay for college. It's so nice to have someone who knows all the steps I need to take, he makes it seem so easy...

It seems so easy to say we trust God with mouths but I'm starting to see its when we are going through tough times that we really put our words to the test. In this time of chaos, I need to remember that God is still God and he led me to Crown College. His plans are better than mine and sometimes life isn't going to be comfortable or easy for me. But if he got me this far, I know he will continue to lead me, providing for my needs and directing me to where he is calling me to. :)

I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortess, my God, in whom I trust." ~Psalm 91:2

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